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Recent Additions to Beaver County History Online

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New Articles Added Since October 2010

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Spring Houses: Pictorial

Beaver County Log Cabins--Pictorial

Stone Houses of Beaver County; Pictorial

Theaters in Beaver County: Pictorial

School Bells Ring No More--Photos


Beaver County Railroad Stations: Pictorial

More One-Room School: Pictorial

Last Toll Bridge in Beaver County: Picture

History is Made Every Day: Pictorial Essay

Covered Bridges: Pictorial

Beaver County's Grist Mills: Pictorial

Monaca's Landmark Buildings: Pictorial

Hospitals: Pictorial

Old Hotels: Pictorial

The Blockhouse At New Brighton

Beaver County Folklore--Summer 1982

Beaver County Folklore--Fall 1982

Nostalgia Photo Quiz

Beaver County Folklore--Winter 1984

Beaver County Folklore--Winter 1983

Beaver County Folklore--Spring 1983

Beaver County Folklore--Summer 1983

Beaver County Folklore--Fall 1983

Brodhead's Road

Beaver County Folklore--Spring 1984

Club Casino(Morado)

Beaver County Folklore--Summer, 1984

Beaver County Folklore--Fall, 1984

Beaver County Folklore--Winter 1984

Miscl. Information from Various Milestones

Beaver County Nicknames

Anti-Slavery Convention

Beaver County Folklore--Winter 1985

Darlington Bank Charter

The Forks of the Ohio: A Poem

Beaver County Folklore--Winter 1986

Only Earthquake on Record Here

Crossword Puzzle--Spring 1986

Crossword Puzzle--Summer 1986

Members of Company D Darlington, Beaver County

Argus Articles--Various

Symbols of Christmas

Come to the Hills of Green: A Poem by Milo Townsend

Former Valley Woman is Poet

H. C. Fry Glass Society

Brady's Run Ferry

Old Paper Mill

Buried Canal Boat in Beaver River

Horse Drawn Street Car: Photo

Youngstown and Southern RR Coal Loader at Smith's Ferry: Photo

White's Mill Marker Dedication

Train Makes Debut in Negley, Ohio

County "Ghost Community" Slowly Resurrects (CCC)

Olive Stove Works Ad

How Brighton's Got Their Names

Map of the Ohio River in Beaver County

One-Room Schools in Brighton Township: Pictorial

Long Hair Was Quite the Fashion: Photo

Harmony Shortline Trestle: Photo

Boating on the Beaver River: Photo

Center Township Schools: Pictorial

Lithograph Entitled "Beaver Heights"

South Beaver Township

Boggs School Sketch--Moon Township

Chapel Road

Rock Point Brochure

Wallace City Oil Boom Pictures

Boalsville: A Picture


McKinley Funeral Train: A Photo

Conway's Corner in Rochester

Railroad Pictures

The Metheny Inn

Business Pictures

Wallace City: Pictures

Tracks of the Past: Bridgewater

Rochester's Flatiron Buildings

Scenes from Morado Park


New Articles Added From May To October 2010

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Freedom's Brick Streets

Naming Of Greersburg--short article

History At My Doorstep-MCGuire Chapel, Center Twp

Iron Furnace Found

Jacob Schaffer and the Harmonists

Last Trolley Car

Lincoln's Death

McGuffey's Readers

Memories Of Beaver Falls

The Buried Treasure-Lost French Treasure

The County Row Offices

An Old Letter From Fort McIntosh

Classified Ads--short article

Ellwood City

Frankfort Springs

Greersburg Academy

Historically Yours-Boat Building in Old Sharon

Memories of Beaver Falls Part 2

Sheffield Avenue

The Hostetter House in Potter Township

The Sandy and Beaver Canal

When the Sky Went Black-1950

History of New Sewickley Township

Hopewell Oil and Gas

Indian Troubles Inevitable

Mario Ezzo Put to Rest

Memoir of Old Sixth Avenue Theater

Murder Mystery-Eli Sheets

Rochester, Beaver Falls, and Western Railroad

Silver Wedding

Stolen History

Two Logstowns

Woodlawn: The Forgotten Village

Beaver Falls in Old Days

Beaver Valley Before the Ice Age

Big Beaver Boat Club


Caught Between the Gunwales

Darlington Borough

Fallston's Story


Memories of Beaver Falls-Part III

The Harmonists and Old Economy

The Townsend Company

A Centenarian Remembers


Reminiscence--Stories About Sam Brady

Service Theological Seminary

The Chinese in Beaver Falls

The David Littell House

The Falls of the Beaver

The Flood of 1912

The Navigator

The Story of Darlington

Speeding in Beaver Falls

Abe Lincoln's Visit

An Ancient Document-Founding of Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church

Bus Tragedy

Education in the Harmony Society

Greersburg: An Academy Rich in Legend


A Moment In History--Lewis and the Ohio River

Celebrate Freedom-The Declaration of Independence

Going Up the River to Opportunity

Henry Fry and Black Hand

Mill Creek Church

Rudyard Kipling in Beaver County

The George Foulkes Story Updated

Tumbler Works Trouble

Anti-Slavery Movement

A Place in History

Darlington Ablaze

Geneva's Basketball First

Lacock, Quay and Others: Taking Their Place In History

Historically Yours-Richmond Little Red Schoolhouse

Local Trucking Industry

River of Hope--A Poem by Ida Barton

The Big Oil Boom

The Ghost of the Vicary House

The Trolley Trail

Bradford Park in Economy Borough

Building Spanned Canal

Dr. Bausman-Down Memory Lane

Early Scout Troops

Fast Train Plunges Into Beaver River

Father Rapp and the Economites

Gold Mine Found

Hotel Brighton

Matheny Tavern

Pioneer Cemeteries

Summer of 1937 Hot One on Labor Fronts

The Beaver County That Might Have Been--Place Names That Have Changed

The Ghost of Raccoon Creek

Bassenheim Furnace

Beaver Folks Saw Comet

Belton and Park Gate Villages

First Graveyard in Beaver County

History of Medicine In Beaver County

One Last Look at the Beaver County Jail

The Mail Must Go Through

Dads Stories: The Early Years

Freedom Oil Buys Vulcan

Scrap of Local History-Civil War

The New Philadelphia Society

The Riverview Street Railway Company

The Story of Conway

Beaver Falls Furnace

Brodhead's Road

Champion Saw and Engine Company

Consolidation of Aliquippa

Eagle Shot By Vanport Man

Mary Gossler Vicary

New Depot for Woodlawn

The Bell Once Tolled for One-Room Schools

The Courthouse of 1877

The Great Circular Fox Hunt

West Mayfield's History

The James Porter Blacksmith Shop of Fairview

The Beaver County Home in the 20s and 30s

Captain Vicary and His Mansion: Exploring the Truth Behind the Legend

Court in Beavertown

Beaver College Safe From Vice

Dad's Stories: Part 2-Growing Up in Beaver County

Canals Enjoyed Prominent Role in Beaver County

A Rendezvous with History in Georgetown

Beaver Falls In Old Days

The History of Saint Luke's Episcopal Church

The Strange Odyssey of the First Neels School, Industry

Between Two Countries: Robert Glass's Civil War

Mildred Arbutina Saves Vicary Mansion

A South Beaver Township Ghost Story

Dad's Stories: Part 3-Moving On

A Bridge to Nowhere--Sharon Bridge

Robert Magee Downie: A Reminiscence in Irony

Education at Phillipsburg: The First Generation

250th Anniversary of Washington at Logstown

Dad's Stories: Part 4-Moving On

"Mad Anthony" Wayne and Legionville

Captain John Vicary: The Seafaring Father

A Tribute to the Man with the Hoe

The Forge of History 1760-1794: Powers in the Transallegheny Region

Lewis & Clark to Visit Beaver County this Summer

Washington at Logstown Celebration in October 2003

Lincoln's Secret War-Time Visit to Beaver County

In Defense of Lincoln in Beaver County

Brady's Run Remembered

Lincoln's Other Journey to Beaver County

The Story of Woodlawn--Part One

Tough Times Greeted Early Settlers

The Michael Camp House

A History of the Vicary Mansion

The Beaver Division Canal

The Story of Woodlawn--Part Two

Of Windmills and Clyde Piquet

Monaca's First Dark Days

Freedom Steamboats in the American Civil War: The John D. Simonds

Dorthea and the Dog Catcher

Monaca's Residents in 1833

Canal Journey--A Travelers Account

Beaver Falls Theaters

Beaver County in the time of the Lenni Lenape

Eastvale Dam and Paper Mill

The Park Gate Ghost

History of Crow's Run, New Sewickley Twp.

Was There a Washington Academy in Beaver County?

Arthur Bradford House to be Sold at Auction

Zahn Recalls Farms of the 30s and 40s

Memories of Early Georgetown

Masonic History of Beaver County

Freedom, Pennsylvania 1920-1940

Coxey's Army Marches Through Beaver County

A Fair Gypsy Arrested

Abolitionists and the Underground Railroad--Introduction to the Spring 2005 Issue of Milestones

Slavery and the Abolitionist Movement: Milestones Special Issue

Slavery and Anti-slavery in Beaver County: Milestones Special Issue

Nicholson, Jordan, and New Galilee: Milestones Special Issue

The Southside Connection to the Underground: Milestones Special Issue

The Role of Bridgewater in the Underground: Milestones Special Issue

New Brighton As Central Hub for the Movement: Milestones Special Issue

Milo Townsend: Ardent Abolitionist: Milestones Special Issue

Garrison and Douglas at New Brighton: Milestones Special Issue

Darlington Area Vital to Underground: Milestones Special Issue

The Role of Arthur Bradford in the Cause: Milestones Special Issue

Bradford Protects Neighbor: Milestones Special Issue

Darlington Houses Believed Used As Stations: Milestones Special Issue

Routes Through Blackhawk, Cannelton, Achor: Milestones Special Issue

Samuel Clow's Station: North Sewickley Twp.: Milestones Special Issue

Beaver County Churches Involved: Milestones Special Issue

Former Slaves in Beaver County: Milestones Special Issue

Bradford's Theory: Milestones Special Issue

The Greersburg Resolution of 1836: Milestones Special Issue

Chippewa Society and Colonization Society: Milestones Special Issue

Underground Railroad Terms: Milestones Special Issue

The New Brighton Resolution of 1850: Milestones Special Issue

New Brighton and the Titanic

Edith Junkins and the Titanic

Of Steel, Speed and Stephen Hill Disaster

Jim Deaver Remembers Freedom

The North Shore Railroad Controversy

Will Move Colonia Passenger Depot

Nichol's Civil War Letters

"65 Cents Buys $1 Worth" In Rochester Stores

Rochester General Hospital

Greenwood Institute of New Brighton

Mid-East Outboard Association Races Photos

McCartney--Memories of Beaver Falls

The Last in the Line: The Penn Beaver Hotel

Church Services at Economy

Freedom Riverboats in the American Civil War
Part II - The Lucy Gwin

New Brighton Blockhouse

Childhood Memories

Girard Locks: Where did the name come from?

Steel's Civil War Letters

Robert McGee Downie: Broker For Geneva College

Chronology of Beaver County History

Wallace City--Gone But Not Forgotteny

Who Was John McKee?

Brady In Beaver County: A Geographical Consideration

Grove Cemetery: Its Beginnings and Inhabitants
Part One of Two Parts

Depression Era Turtle Soup

Real American Idol Celebrates 100th: Mail Pouch

Grove Cemetery: Its Beginnings and Inhabitants
Part Two of Two Parts

Steel's Civil War Letters--Part III

Johnny Appleseed in Hanover

Jonah Key: The Forgotten Soldier

You Know Beaver County When:

Dear Sister...............A Travel Story

Beaver County's Connection to Private Ryan

The Great Blizzard

Emil and Pete

Introduction To Executive Order No. 9066--
Duke Tanaka and the Japanese Internment Camps

Down Memory Lane..........

Tavern on the Little Beaver Creek

Saga Of Charles And Nancy

The Old Turnpike (A Poem)

A Beaver County Love Affair--Idora Park

A New Museum in Beaver County

Willow Brook Lake Resort

The Story of Logstown Revisited

Halloween: Some Happy Memories

The Mike Fink Saga: A Beaver Countian or Not?

Freedom Steamboats in the American Civil War
Part III ­ The Cornie

The McCoy's and Rooney's. Beaver County Connections

Harkins' Mill: Another Beaver County Last

Along the Dusty Stage Road

Some More Covert Tales Retold:
Bridge Stories

Favorite Christmas: A Slam Dunk

The Shoemaker's Window

Eclipse Bicycle Factory in Beaver Falls

Grant Prince Marsh: Legendary Riverboat Captain

Beegle Estate--Mansion to Monastery to Manor

Spotlight 88: Re-Uniting With A Special Friend

Teaching in Beaver County in the "Good" Old Days Was No Picnic

Rudyard Kipling's Beaver Connection

Morgan's Raid and the John T. McCombs

Rev. Isaac Taylor Headland: Missionary to China

Old Rough and Ready, Zachary Taylor, in Beaver County

Beaver, Pennsylvania: Nazi Target

Past Shredded in Center Township

Hugo Andriessen: Proprietor of the
Beaver Drugstore and Natural History Museum

Anthony Wayne's Grave

Beaver County's First Masonic Lodge

Thanksgiving: With a Link to Beaver County

Captain Vicary and His Children

The Beaver County "Shanghai"

Geneva's Footballers Finest Hour

The Customer is Always Right?

Beaver County Brick Works

Dando Brickyard

Turncoat: The Civil War Story of
Colonel Charles Read Collins, CSA

West Point Graduation ­ 1859


Schuster's Gasoline Station and Grocery Store

The Walton Family and Football

Veteran'sBridge: Newest Bridge in Beaver County

Making Steel At J&L With Jake and Looey--Booklet

Pictures of Schools

Stone Houses of Beaver County