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History is Made Every Day: Pictorial Essay

Milestones Vol 35 No. 2

By Arnold McMAhon

Changes occur in the Beaver County landscape constantly. The things that we have become accustomed to seeing every day suddenly vanish, and something new is in its place. The six views on this page show some of the disappearing landmarks. See how many you can identify, then tell what is in the same place today. Answers below.

1. The barn on the Harenbach farm in Center was razed in 1968 to provide room for expansion of the Penn State University Beaver Campus.

2. The Rialto Theater in Beaver Falls was torn down in 1968. A service station took its place for awhile.

3. The Daniel Agnew House, Turnpike St., Beaver was removed for expansion of the County Courthouse.

4. Altman's Feed Store, 5th Avenue, New Brighton, occupied the site of Westinghouse Electrical Supply.

5. A Boron Service Station occupied the site of the Keck Furniture Exchange on Pennsylvania Avenue, Monaca, razed in 1972.

6. The Madison avenue Baptist Church in Rochester was removed in 1964 to make room for Kaufmann's Department Store.