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Early Scout Troops

Milestones Vol 26. No. 2

By Belle Adams, Aliquippa

Scout troops were established by the First Baptist Church of Woodlawn on Church Street in the 1920's. Alvah H. Adams served as Scoutmaster of Troop #5 of the Boy Scouts of America, chartered on November 30, 1925. In the fall of that year, A Girl Scout troop was organized with Mrs. Daniel Watkins as Scoutmistress. Serving on the Church's troop committee were Albert Sisson, John B. Carlock, and Frank Phillips.

In the summers of 1926 and 1927, the church sponsored scout camps for both troops on the grounds of what later became part of the Aliquippa Country Club.

The camp consisted of a sheltered kitchen, dining tables, and sleeping quarters. A flag pole, where the flag was daily raised and lowered ceremoniously and an evening camp fire were features of the camp.

The camp had ample level grounds for sports and picnics. Sports, working to earn Scout badges, hiking and nature study were the daily programs. Leading the Girl Scout nature study hikes was Pauline Hildebrand, a teacher at Woodlawn High School.

In those years, few children and teens were privileged to attend summer camps. For that reason, the scout camp was a thrilling experience (and free of charge) for local Scouts and Church Troops.

(Source: A History of the First Baptist Church of Woodlawn 1910-1979 by Belle Adams, Published Feb. 1979).

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