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Hospitals: Pictorial

Milestones Vol 5 No. 3

As the new Medical Center complex in Brighton Township nears completion, our thoughts are drawn to the three community hospitals it will replace. The early postcard views on this page show the older hospitals as they appeared three-quarters of a century ago.

Top and second views: The Beaver Valley General Hospital was established in Beaver Falls on January 1, 1895, in the former Merchant's Hotel at Eighth Avenue and Fourth Street. Within 18 months, the institution moved to its present location on Penn Avenue, New Brighton, to buildings formerly used by the Kenwood School for Boys. The views show the original building and the 1902 addition.

Topt, third and bottom views: Providence Hospital was founded in Beaver Falls in 1909 by the Roman Catholic Church through the Sisters of Charity from Seton Hill, in Greensburg, Pa. The institution first was located in the 14 room mansion formerly owned by H. W. Reeves. A new building was erected in 1912 [bottom view]. Both of these hospitals were merged in 1965, becoming first the Beaver Valley-Providence General Hospital, then the United Hospital.

Above: Rochester Hospital was known as the Beaver County General Hospital when it was founded as a semi-private institution in 1899. This view shows the building after it was rebuilt following a serious fire in 1901. Rochester Hospital became a unit of the Medical Center of Beaver County in 1972.