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Scrap of Local History-Civil War

Milestones Vol 26. No. 4

(From the Argus of May 17, 1861)

"It will be seen by reference to our advertising columns that D. M. Donehoo, Esq., (formerly of Beaver), of this place, is forming a Company, to be composed of men accustomed to the rifle. We understand that Mr. D. has assurances that a company such as he is making an effort to raise, will at once be accepted by the Government. Those of our young and able bodied men who desire to serve their country, should not fail to join Mr. Donehoo's company, as it will no doubt be composed of the right kind of men, and will have a leader who is not only a 'sharpshooter,' but a brave man. Late advices from Virginia indicate that those who really wish to see service will have to go in search of the enemy.

"Notice is hereby given to the families of our volunteers who may desire relief, that upon proper application in person or by a friend, to any of the following persons, their cases will be attended to: Dr. Smith Cunningham, chairman; Joseph C. Wilson, John D. Stokes, Sylvester Humder, James Willson, Henry Bryan, George C. Speyerer, John Murray, and David Johnston."