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The Role of Bridgewater in the Underground: Milestones Special Issue

Milestones Vol 30. No. 2

Bridgewater was an important center in the transportation of slaves. As mentioned above, fugitives often came here from the Southside. They were sometimes smuggled from the river bank through tunnels to the safety of the homes. After being cared for, Quakers from New Brighton came and transported them to New Brighton.

William Dunlap House--Dunlap was a senator and river boat captain. His house was used to harbor fugitives. A room was unearthed which might have been used for runaway slaves. Also, a tunnel was discovered in the 1980s that ran from the Beaver River to the house.

Davidison House--Davidson operated a saw mill, grist mill. and built boats on the Beaver River. His house was a station for fugitive slaves on their journey between the Southside and New Brighton.