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A South Beaver Township Ghost Story

Milestones Vol 27. No. 4

By Peggy Townsend

The old Davis (The name of the family has been changed in this story to protect any relatives who might still be living in Beaver County.) farm on Sterling Road in South Beaver Township boasts a big Victorian house (pictured here) that is said to be haunted. It had been vacant for thirty years or more when Chuck Kyle bought it in the early 1950s.

Long ago when old Mrs. Davis died, her newly married son brought his bride to the house to live. The young lady had never got on well with her future mother-in-law, so the events that followed their moving into the house are not too surprising,

After a day or two, they began to rummage through the rooms, collecting items for which they would have no use. Among these was the large framed photograph of old Mrs. Davis, which had held a prominent spot on the wall of the bedroom that the young couple occupied. The bride refused to have her mother-in-law's picture in the house, so when they took the collection of junk they had gathered to the yard for burning, the photo occupied a prominent place on top.

After the pile had burned down, the young folks went back to the house for an evening meal; then, as they were tired from sorting, hauling, and burning junk, they headed for the stairs to go up to bed. But there, seated on the bottom step, was the ghost of Old Mrs. Davis. She was furious that they had burned her picture and would not let them pass.

I never heard how the young couple resolved the issue. Perhaps they apologized abjectly and were forgiven. On the other hand, it seems more likely that they decided to live elsewhere, which would seem to account for the house having been empty for so long.

The Ghost House