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A Fair Gypsy Arrested

Milestones Vol 30. No. 1

The Daily News. Monday, August 6, 1894.

The gypsy camp, located in Daugherty's grove, was visited by six or seven hundred people yesterday afternoon. Many of the dear girls went into the tents, and had their fortunes told, others inspected the pretty wagons, while the men folks played ball and swapped stories and other things with the bucks. It was not much like the Sabbath, in this camp of wanderers.

The exciting incident of the day was at about eight o'clock, when Officers Disbrow, Fridiger and Latshaw entered the camp. Mr. Fridiger had a warrant for the arrest of Minnie A. Long, charged by Humane Agent Milton Townsend, with incorrigibility, at the instance of her sister Miss Vernie Long. It was expected that the gypsies would create a scene when the young girl, who joined her fortune with them but a few days ago, was taken. But such was not the case. Mr. Fridiger found the girl without any trouble and after reading the warrant to her, took her away in a buggy and to-day took her to Morganza.

Minnie is only 15 years of age and is right pretty. Her sister is 18. The girls are orphans and have been living out at private houses. She says that she was illtreated by the family with whom she was living as a domestic, and sought relief and protection which was offered by the gypsy band. The arrest of the fair young gypsy created considerable excitement in the camp, and was the topic of conversation during the remainder of the day.

Minnie, who is certainly one of life's unfortunates, was seen at the lockup last night. The poor girl was broken hearted and could hardly talk between sobs and tears. She was poorly clad and looked as if her lot was not a happy one. Her father's name, she said, was W. J. Long, and he died at Hookstown about one year ago. She said the gypsies treated her well, giving her one child to take care of and not compelling her to do any hard work. She said she was perfectly willing to go to Morganza if the authorities of the institution only treated her nice. From her conversation it was apparent that her life for a few years back at least, has been unhappy.