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Consolidation of Aliquippa

Milestones Vol 27. No. 1

News Tribune, Dec. 7 1927

Negotiations which, if completed, will bring about a radical change in the political and social status of the county, by combining Woodlawn and Aliquippa under one city government were started Monday when the Woodlawn council passed an ordinance to take in Aliquippa as part of the borough. The name of the new population center, which will make the largest town by far in the county, will be called "Aliquippa."

The announcement came as a surprise to the upper valley and should the Aliquippa council approve the matter, the consolidation will take place in the near future it was said.

Woodlawn and Aliquippa will vote on the question of the consolidation of the two boroughs into one at a special election to be held Tuesday,January 24, 1928, between the hours of 7a.m. and 7p.m.

Aliquippa council, at a regular meeting last night, passed an ordinance providing for the special election to determine the question of consolidation of the two boroughs. The Woodlawn council, at a meeting Monday night, enacted similar legislation. The matter is now up to the electors of the two boroughs. If the electors approve the consolidation, the name of the new borough will be Aliquippa.

The present population of Woodlawn is estimated at 25,000 and that of Aliquippa 4,000. This would give the consolidated borough a population of 29,000, the largest in Beaver County and an increase of 200 acres. The consolidated acreage would be 2,831.

From The Beaver Countian