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Routes Through Blackhawk, Cannelton, Achor: Milestones Special Issue

Milestones Vol 30. No. 2

As mentioned earlier, one of the major fugitive routes led from Washington County to Beaver County and along Raccoon Creek and thence through Black Hawk (later written Blackhawk and at times called Rayltown) to Achor in Columbiana County, Ohio, or to Cannelton, Pennsylvania, and then on north.

There must have been at least one enterprising abolitionist in the little village of Black Hawk that has (and had) one side of its only street in South Beaver Township and the other side in Ohio Township. But no name has emerged from the foggy past of the Underground.

Blackhawk and Achor




Cannelton, Pennsylvania, was another destination for slaves coming out of New Brighton or through old Black Hawk (today spelled Blackhawk.)