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Silver Wedding

Milestones Vol 24. No. 4

One of the most pleasant and enjoyable gatherings ever assembled in the village of Fallston, was that which met at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Caler, on Saturday, last, 7th instant, the occasion being the twenty-fifth anniversary of the married life of this worthy couple. Friends and relations to the number of 150 were present, and all seemed determined to enjoy themselves to the utmost. A dancing platform was erected in the yard, and while the elders gathered in the house, and recalled reminiscenses of their youthful days, the younger ones, to the inspiriting music of Hardy's band tripped the light fantastic, until the rain interfered and compelled them to seek shelter in the parlor, where Messrs. Wilson, Ruff and Hodgkinson entertained the company with strains of sweet music. A table, fairly groaning under the weight of good things, soon demanded the attention of the guests, and, 'tis needless to say that one and all did ample justice to it, and fully convinced Mrs. C. and her assistants that their efforts in the culinary department had not been in vain. Mr. Jacob Covert, who carved the wedding turkey for Mr. and Mrs. C. twenty-five years ago, presided at the head of the table with a grace and dignity befitting the occasion. The host and hostess were the recipients of numerous handsome and useful presents, which will serve to recall in after years, when many of the donors may have gone to that bourne from whence there is no return, bright memories of this occasion. Among them we enumerate the following:

Pickle caster, Carpenter Social Club, of McKeesport; silver watch, Riverside Social Club, of Faliston; butter dish, J. Penfold and wife; pickle caster, Free Darling and wife; caster with bottles, S. A. Dickey and wife; cream pitcher, Dr. "Curly" Simpson; bouquet holder, Miss Maggie Gillespie; butter knife, Miss Roberts; napkin rings,J. C. Hayes and wife; salt and pepper box, Master and Miss Gillespie; pickle caster, H. Kelly and wife; 1/2 dozen glasses and napkins, Wm. Gordon and wife; napkin ring and pickle fork, Mr. and Miss Hodgkinson; napkin ring, Mr. and Mrs. Teeples; silver cup, R. P. Covert and wife; salt and pepper box,J. Loyd and wife; nut picker, T M. McKinney and wife; double pickle caster, Mr. and Mrs. Ewing; napkin ring and box of honey, Mrs. J. Shearer; linen table cloth, Mrs. Anna Hunter; pickle caster, Mr. M. Darragh; sugar spoon, C. Hays and wife; fruit knife, Mr. and J. Kelvington; sugar spoon, Wm. Lloyd and wife; pickle caster, Mr. and Mrs. Barclay; lamp, Mr. and Mrs. Ashton; pickle caster, Mr. and Mrs. Anderson; silver spoons, David Hammond; silver thimble, Mrs. Simpson; fruit dish, Miss lizzie Parker; butter dish, 1 dozen silver forks and cake stand, from fifteen intimate lady friends; fancy purse, with money, Mr. and Mrs. Kattarar; dress, son Louis; purse, containing $21.25.

Under the immediate supervision of Misses Lizzie Jobe and Elva Caler, as ushers, the guests found nothing lacking to make the event a most enjoyable one, and the "wee sma" hours were drawing on ere they separated and sought their respective homes. From one and all there assembled came the heartily expressed wish that old Father Time would deal gently in the future with those whose silver wedding they had just celebrated, and that they might reach and pass the fiftieth milestone in their journey of wedded life, with no sorrows nor clouds to darken their pathway, and when their life on earth is done, find a sale haven of rest in the bright beyond.

From The Beaver Times July 12, 1883

Contributed by Clyde Piquet