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Abe Lincoln's Visit

Milestones Vol 25. No. 3

President Lincoln passed through Rochester on the train at 4 a.m. Long before the arrival of the train, the depot and platforms were crowded with persons of both sexes and all ages, anxious to see the celebrated "Rail Splitter" and first Republican President. Music, flags and cannon announced the interest of the people in the occasion.

At length, the special train arrived and tarried 20 minutes. Mr. Lincoln, in response to the repeated calls of the multitude, appeared on the platform of the rear car and bowed recognition to the assembled throng. He declared that he had no speech to make to them, but was enroute to Washington, where he would have something to say to all on the 4th of March.

Mr. Dillon, a resident of Beaver Falls, a very enthusiastic Republican, and a man whose height is six feet and four inches, cried out to Mr. Lincoln: "Mr. President, I am taller than you are."

"Let us see about that," responded "Old Abe," reaching out his hand to Mr. Dillon, who in a moment was by his side. Turning their backs to each other, Mr. Lincoln said: "Now stand fair and no cheating." Then reaching his hand up and patting Mr. Dillon's bald head, Mr. Lincoln said: "Ah, my friend, I can lick salt from your head!" to which sally the crowd responded with vociferous cheering.

Beaver Argus, February 14, 1861