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Lincoln's Other Journey to Beaver County

Milestones Vol 28. No. 3

On February 14, 1861, Abraham Lincoln, President-elect of the United States stopped in Rochester on his way from his home in Springfield, Illinois to Washington, D.C., and his inauguration.

The Beaver ARGUS stated that, "persons of all ages, and both sexes" crowded the depot and platforms.

When the train arrived, the newspaper stated, "Mr. Lincoln, in obedience to the cheers and repeated calls of the multitudes appeared on the platform of the rear car and bowed."

He announced that, "he had no speech to make, as it was impossible to speak at every point where his fellow citizens greeted him." He thanked the crowd, "for this expression of their wishes towards him."

In response to a question about the secessionists, he said. "My friend, that is a matter which I have under very grave consideration."

He then talked with various persons who approached the car.