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Washington at Logstown Celebration in October 2003

Milestones Vol 28. No. 2


A large celebration is planned to honor George Washington's historic mission to Logstown in 1753.

Washington was instructed to travel to Logstown to obtain guides and information before delivering a letter from the governor of Virginia to the French, asking their intentions and ordering them to leave western Pennsylvania.

This was a percussor to the French and Indian War which officially began in 1754 in the Monongahela Valley (Fayette County).

Weekend Event Overview

Saturday, October 18

See the village of Logstown as it might have appeared in the mid-1700s. Important events occurring there between 1748 and 1752 will be re-enacted for the public. Between events, the public will be able to approach the living history interpreters to discuss aspects of life in the historic village.

At 3 pm, Major George Washington will arrive at Logstown as part of his legendary mission.

Sunday, October 19

Washington's visit to Logstown continues. See Washington and his party encounter the Natives at the village.

The final event of the weekend will be the departure of Washington's party for the French Fort LeBoeuf.