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Beaver County Brick Works

by Charles Townsend

Milestones Vol 35 No. 2

Editor's Note--The mining of clay and the manufacturing of brick and other associated products was a major industry from the early 1800s until around 2006 when the last operating brickyard which was located in Darlington closed down. The plant was sold in 2009 to an auto salvage company.

I have presented on the next three pages a list of the known brickyards in Beaver County.

A list of all the brickyards in Pennsylvania was given to me by Bob Bauder. From that list I abstracted the ones in Beaver County. The source of the list is the International Brick Collectors Association.

According to the list there were about 115 known brick yards in the area. I can't say how accurate the list is since I noticed a few, of what I consider, mistakes. But overall I believe this is the most accurate list we will ever have.

The list is organized by locations which are in alphabetical order. It will be noticed that some companies had operations in more than one area.

On pages three and four I presented a brief history of Dando Fire Brick Company in Industry. A few years ago it was my good fortune to write a history of Industry, PA basing my work on the substantial collection of Industry of Clyde Piquet who was a longtime member of BCHRLF.


Brick Works                                                  Location                         From-To
Park, J. H.                                                      Beaver                            1903-
Stahl Fire Brick Works (Pendelton Bros.)       Beaver                            1885-1897
Armstrong Cork and Insulation Co.               Beaver Falls                    1928-1961
Dempster                                                       Beaver Falls
Douglas-Whistler Brick Co.                            Beaver Falls                     1903-
Eastvale Clay Products Co.                            Beaver Falls                     1941-1967
Entress, John                                                 Beaver Falls                     1882-
Face and Fire Brick Co.                                 Beaver Falls                     1913-1916
General Refractories Co.                                Beaver Falls                     1954-
McDanel Refractories Porcelain Co.               Beaver Falls                     1956-
Mound Brick Co.                                           Beaver Falls                     1903-1904
North American Refractories Co.                   Beaver Falls                     1954-
Rossman Corp.                                              Beaver Falls                     1928-
Wilcox Brick Yard                                        Beaver Falls                     1931-
Brady's Run Fire Clay Co.                             Brady's Run                     1890-1896
Fallston Fire Clay Co.                                   Brady's Run                     1892-
Garret Fire Brick Works                               Brady's Run                     1903-
Pennsylvania Clay Co.                                  Brady's Run                     1904-1905
Pennsylvania Clay Co.--2 Plants                     Crow's Run                     1903-1931
Alliance Brick Co. Plant 3                              Darlington                     1925-1938
Central Commrcl.Co. (Staso Milling Div)       Darlington                     1956-1957
Darlington Brick and Clay Products Co.        Darlington                     1972-1997
Darlington Brick and Mining Co.                  Darlington                     1903-1947
Darlington Ceramics Inc.                               Darlington                     1953-
Darlington Clay Products Co.                         Darlington                     1913-1924
Darlington Face Brick Company                    Darlington                     1956-
Darlington Fire Proofing Co.                         Darlington                     1926-1950
Fiske and Company                                      Darlington                     1928-1931
General Dynamics Corp.                               Darlington                     1968-1982
General Slag and Shale                                Darlington                     1997-2009
Kennedy and Company                               Darlington                     1897-
Metropolitan Brick Co.                                Darlington                     1957-1967
Metropolitan Industries                               Darlington                     1970-1974
Milliken Brick Co.                                      Darlington                     1976-1981
Ohio Lumber and Face Brick Co.                Darlington                     1956-
Staso Milling Co.                                         Darlington                     1950-1954
Steffler and Brown                                      Darlington                     1903-
Douglas-Whistler Co.                                   Eastvale                     1903-1911
Eastvale Clay Products Co.                          Eastvale                     1957-1967
Face and Fire Brick Co.                                Eastvale                     1916-
Keagler Brick Co.                                        Eastvale                     1958-1961
Pittsbhurgh Clay Products Co.                    Eastvale                     1931-
Clydesdale Brick and Stone Co.                   Ellwood City                     1928-1930
Crescent Brick Co.                                      Ellwood City                     1927-1930
Ellwood Brick Company                             Ellwood City                     1903-
Colonial Clay Products Co.                         Fallston                     1928-1976
Continental Clay Products Corp.                 Fallston                     1928-1931
Fallston Company                                      Fallston                     1938-
Fallston Fire Clay Co.                                 Fallston                     1891-1922
Pennsylvania Clay Co.                                 Fallston                     1922-
Standard Clay Mfg. Co.                              Fallston                     1957-1967
Standard Clay Products Co                        Fallston                     1925-1938
Standard Fire Clay Co.                              Fallston                     1916-1924
Franz, G. R.                                                Freedom                     1890-
Penna. Mnfg, Mining and Supply Co.           Freedom                     1903-
Dando, George Fire Brick Co.                     Industry                     1915-1978
Park Brothers                                             Monaca                     1890-
Welch, James H. Fire Brick Works              Monaca                     1887-1909
Welch-Bright Co. (James Welch)                 Monaca                     1905-1956
French and Quay                                        Monaca                     1862-
McKallip. L. S.(Stewart Bross and Troop)    Monaca                     -1890
McNees and McKinney(French and Quay)    Monaca
Stewart Bros.and Troop                                Monaca
Welch, Gloninger and Co.                            Monaca                     1881-1897
American Vitrified Products Co.                  New Brighton           1929-1930
Barnes and Company                                  New Brighton           1890-
Brighton Brick Co.                                      New Brighton           1954-1958
Brighton Clay Products Co.                        New Brighton           1925-1957
Brighton Fire Brick Co. (A. F. smith Co.)     New Brighton           1903-1947
Colonial Clay Products Co.                         New Brighton           1928-1976
Dewhirst, A. and Brother                            New Brighton           1874-1897
Dewhirst, T.                                               New Brighton           -1896
Fallston Company                                     New Brighton           1935-1941
Fish Brothers                                            New Brighton           1890-
Fish, Levi and Sons                                   New Brighton
Glass, John                                                New Brighton           1840-1845
Howe, R. H. Brick company                       New Brighton           1916-1922
Ingram, J. W. and Company                      New Brighton           1890-1916
New Brighton Clay Products Co.            New Brighton           1953-1957
Sherwood Brothers Co.                           New Brighton           1928-
Smith, A. F. and Son                               New Brighton           1852-1893
Smith, A. F.(John Glass)                          New Brighton           1845-1930
Standard Clay Mfg. Co.                           New Brighton           1957-1968
Standard Clay Products Co.                     New Brighton           1931-1965
Standard Fire Clay Co.                            New Brighton           1913-1924
Westmoreland Brick Co.                         New Brighton           1922-1935
Beaver Clay Mfg. Co.                             New Galilee                     1903-1935
New Galilee Brick Co.                            New Galilee                     1905-
Agner, George                                       Rochester                     1882-1903
Agnew Brick Works                               Rochester                     1888-1903
Barnes and Company                             Rochester                     1839-1909
Beaver Valley Roofing Tile Brick Co.       Rochester                   1904-
Miller Brick Co. (Keystone Pottery Co.)   Rochester                  1900-1905
Park Fire Clay Company                        Rochester                1897-1903
Pendleton and Brother                           Rochester                 1856-
Pendleton Brothers and Company          Rochester                1882-
Pennsylvania Clay Company--3 Plants    Rochester               1903-1905
Rochester Brick and Roofing Tile Works  Rochester              1904-
Rochester Clay Products Co.                    Rochester              1916-1929
Dando, Frederick J. Fire Brick Co.          Vanport                 1911-
Gloninger and Co.                                   Vanport               1903-1938
McLain Fire Brick Co. (Dando Plant)       Vanport             1922-1930
Mitchell, R. S.                                           Vanport               1868-
Ohio Valley Brick Co.                               Vanport              1909-
Porter, H. K. Co. (McLain Works)             Vanport             1958-1963
Porter, H. K. Co. Inc--Refractories Div       Vanport             1961-
Russell, John (Mitchell, R. S.                     Vanport
Vanport Brick Co. (Vanport Clay Co.)       Vanport            1818-1922
Vanport Clay Co. (John Mitchell)              Vanport            -1897
Welch, Gloninger and Co.                         Vanport            1882-1903
Young, Russell and Company                   Vanport              1890-
Walsh, J. and Brother                Water Cure(Monaca)        1882-
Laubshers, P. and Sons          Water Cure(Monaca)            1890-
Pennsylvania Clay Co.          West Bridgewater                   1919-