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Beaver College Safe From Vice

Milestones Vol 27. No. 2


Beaver is the home of one of the best known and most popular educational institutions in the great Keystone State, Beaver College and Musical Institute. The climate is healthful and the facilities for reaching the school are unsurpassed. The village is absolutely free from saloons or places of vice and the moral atmosphere is clean and healthful. The college buildings are new and in furnishings and equipment are as perfect as can be made.

The main college building is of brick, heated by hot water system, and well lighted and ventilated. Attached to this is the young ladies' domitory and dining hall. The President's residence is opposite. There are 276 pupils enrolled, of whom, about 25 percent, are young men. The college has four courses leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Arts, Sciences, Letters or Music, while Master of Arts will be conferred on graduates who have completed one year of resident study, or two years post graduate work in another institution.

This institution was originally founded in 1853 as the Beaver Female Seminary, under the patronage of the Pittsburgh Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church. The present college building was erected in 1895 in place of the old structure destroyed by fire. (1905)