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White's Mill Marker Dedication

Milestones Vol 18 No. 2

By Denver Walton


Fine weather and an interest in history brought ninety eight people together for the dedication ceremony of the White's Mill historical marker. Sunday, June 27, 1993 probably saw the biggest crowds in Murdocksville in many years. The program was held on a shady lawn on the bank of Raccoon Creek. A welcome speech was presented by Gene Fragapane, Postmaster at Clinton, PA, and a resident of Murdocksville.

Bernie Catalucci, 2nd vice president and chairman of the Marker Committee of the Beaver County Historical Research and Landmarks Foundation, presented a historical overview of the area. This was followed by a story, "White's Mill on the Raccoon", presented by Jean Armour Stout and based on the history of the village by Lynette Caler.

John White's grist mill was in operation before 1780, and in 1800 was used by surveyors to mark the spot where three counties, Washington, Allegheny, and Beaver, came together. By 1833, the mill had become the center of a village, so a post office was established which eventually became known as Murdocksville. The mill dam was washed out by the Labor Day flood in 1912, and that was the beginning of the end for White's Mill.

The dedication ceremony recognized local residents who still live on land awarded to their ancestors by George Washington for service in the Revolution. The ceremony closed with recognition of the oldest local residents - Ken Caler, Emmett Dawson, and Norman Elder, followed by a prayer by Bernie Catalucci. Other Foundation Members present were Jean Tosh and Denver Walton. Music was provided before and after the ceremony by Dick Eaton and friends. Altogether, it was a fine day to go down in history!