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Beaver Falls Furnace

Milestones Vol 27. No. 1

Toward the close of the year 1808, the firm of Wilson, Barker & Gregg had completed their blast furnace and for several years engaged actively in making pigs, stoves, hollow ware, etc. In April, 1812, Messrs. Barker & Gregg purchased from Mr. Wilson the other half interest in the plant for $15,000. Sometime after 1812 Frederick Rapp of the Harmony Society endeavored to purchase this entire plant, with the improvements made, for $32,000, but was unsuccessful. It came, however, into possession of Oliver Ormsby, of Allegheny County, who continued all the business operations briskly under the supervision of James Glenn. and Colonel John Dickey, until 1818. Owing to the general prostration of business, resulting from the War of 1812, these works and the consequent growth of the town were much impaired.