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Only Earthquake on Record Here

Milestones Vol 11. No.1

Same information in different format.

Following is an account of a slight earthquake at Beaver which was reported in the Argus of September 22, 1886.

The shock was plainly felt here at 8:45 p.m. The motion was lateral, and lasted about half a minute. A number felt it, who did not attempt to account for the strange sensation until after others spoke of the earthquake. Some thought it an explosion of natural gas in the vicinity. Joe Sutherland was sitting in his office upstairs and plainly felt the building swaying. He went on with his work, preferring if the last day had come to be found at his post. D. S. Naugle, Esq., felt the shock and immediately filed a petition for stay of proceedings. Some of our Democratic brethren thought it was the first gun in the political campaign and turned over and dreamed of fat positions at Harrisburg. The shock was so great in the rural districts that it shook the mortgages and judgments off a number of farms. No damage has yet been reported, as resulting from the unusual gyrations of mother earth, excepting considerable loss of sleep. Parties using gas should examine their pipes for any breaks that may have resulted from the twisting or shaking of the building or ground.


Editor's Note--Since 1924 there have been several small earthquakes in the area.