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Monaca's Landmark Buildings: Pictorial

Milestones Vol 5 No. 2

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The Point Breeze Hotel, known earlier as Srodes Hotel, was closest to the ferry landing. Dating back to at least 1876 [as pictured in CaIdwell's Atlas] the old hotel was remodeled into a home, but as of 2010 it has been torn down.

Less easily recognized today is this building at the foot of Fourth Street [formerly Hanover Street], on Atlantic Avenue. The first election in the new borough of Phillipsburg was held here in 1840. Other sources identify the election site [and the building] as Stumm's Tavern. One local tradition erroneously associates this building with Thiel College, but it was privately owned by one family for many years - before, during, and after Thiel College's years in Monaca. The college building, later the Central Hotel, was a half-block away, on a site now occupied by the Monacatootha Apartments.

St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church traces its beginning to 1832 when members of the New Philadelphia Society [dissenters from the Harmony Society] settled in what was to become Monaca. The first church bell in Beaver County, costing $130.75 and weighing 322 pounds, was installed in the church by its builders. The bell is now in India. The second view shows how the church has been remodeled since its early years.