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Gold Mine Found

Milestones Vol 26. No. 2

Experts Claim that Ore Discovered on Farm Near Brush Run Contains Gold; In Valuable Quantities.

On Monday a farmer was in Beaver Falls from the vicinity of Brush Creek, North Sewickley Township, with specimens of ore that he had taken out of a bank on the Bowers farm in the vicinity of the Samuel Caldwell place. He claimed that the ore contained gold and wished to have a test made of it. It ws shown to Andrew Kuhne, an old Klondiker, and it is said Mr. Kuhne says the stuff is rich in mineral of the same sort and he believes it is gold.

The farmer who brought in the ore says that he discovered it by accident and there is any quantity of it at that place. The specimens have been left at Hantman's Jewelry Store, and several Beaver Falls parties have raised a fund to have it tested. An expert from Pittsburgh has been sent for and is expected to arrive in Beaver Falls today. (Daily Times, 1910)