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New Depot for Woodlawn

Milestones Vol 27. No. 1

New Station Will Be Divided and Agents Speaking Foreign Languages Will Be In Charge.

Announcement is made that in October the four new Talbott open-hearth furnaces at the Woodlawn plant of the Jones & Laughlin Steel Company will be ready for operation. At the various plants of the company every department is working overtime and the demand for pig iron is so heavy that the need of additional furnace capacity has been felt keenly.

Building operations in Woodlawn, the residence section of the Jones & Laughlin plant, has reached the "business block" stage. Several are being erected in Franklin Avenue. A $30,000 borough hall is also being built. The new Pittsburgh and Lake Erie railroad station, under course of construction, will be admirably arranged.

On account of the large foreign population, one section of the station will be built especially for their use. Officials will be in charge who will be able to converse in the native language of the foreign employees. -

Daily Times - Aug. 30, 1910