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Brodhead's Road

Milestones Vol 9 No. 2

Fort McIntosh was the first Military Post of the United States, established on the "north side" of the Ohio River. The Headquarters of the Army were removed from Fort Pitt to this Fort, where there was the largest force west of the mountains during the Revolutionary War. It consisted, besides the Continentals, of the militia, mostly from Virginia.

At this Post, General Lachlan McIntosh who was in charge in 1778, cut a road from Fort Pitt locating it on the southern side of the Ohio in order to protect the wagon trains from the danger of attack by Indians.

The road was afterwards used by Colonel Daniel Brodhead, who succeeded General McIntosh, and is known to the present day as "Brodhead Road." It is frequently mentioned by that name in road petitions presented to the courts of Allegheny and Beaver Counties.