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The Mail Must Go Through

Milestones Vol 26. No. 3

Arrival and Departure of the Mails, at the Post Office, Pittsburgh

The Eastern Mail arrives on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings, and closes on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 8 o'clock A.M.

The Western Mail arrives on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and closes on Sunday at sunset, and Wednesday and Friday at 1 o'clock P.M.

The Beaver Mail arrives on Monday evening, and closes the same day at sunset.

The Erie Mail arrives on Monday evening and closes the same day at sunset.

The Steubenville Mail arrives on Sunday and Wednesday evenings, and closes same days at sunset.

The Huntingdon Mail, via Ebensburgh and Indiana, arrives on Tuesday, and closes same day at half past twelve P.M.

As there are several places of the same name in the United States, it is necessary that the directions should be particular, the states should be distinguished, and, where it might otherwise be doubtful, the counties.

Those who send letters may either pay the postage in advance, or leave it to be paid by their correspondents.

RATES OF POSTAGE For Single Letters

For any distance not exceeding 40 miles - 12 cents,

Over 40 miles and not exceeding 90 miles - 15 cents,

Over 90 miles and not exceeding 150 miles - 18-3/4 cents,

Over 150 miles and not exceeding 300 miles - 25-1/2 cents,

Over 500 miles - 37-1/2 cents.

Pittsburgh Directory, 1815 (From Clyde Piquet)