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Rochester, Beaver Falls, and Western Railroad

Milestones Vol 24. No. 4

The Rochester, Beaver Falls & Western Railway Co. was officially organized March 26, 1889, with Joseph Wood as president and S. B. liggett, secretary.

Under terms on an agreement March 6, 1890, between the Pennsylvania Co. and H. W. Hartman, the latter was to build the road with means furnished by the Pennsylvania Co. on right of way secured by Hartman. The agreement provided for conveyance of the right of way to the Pennsylvania Co., and the assignment to it of all capital stock, franchises, and such of the Rochester, Beaver Falls and Western.

The road opened for business December 1, 1890.

Corporation terminated by deed dated January 18, 1904. The company conveyed to the Pennsylvania Co. its entire railroad, together with rights in certain streets in the borough of Beaver Falls, granted by ordinances of February 3, 1890, and April 7, 1890.

By deed dated June 30, 1916, Pennsylvania Co. conveyed the property to Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago Railway Co.