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Underground Railroad Terms: Milestones Special Issue

Milestones Vol 30. No. 2

Abolitionist - A person who demanded the emancipation of the slaves.

Agent - A person who plotted the course of escape for fugitive slaves.

Baggage - A code word used for escaping slaves.

Bondage - The institution of slavery.

Conductors - The person(s )who directly transported escaping slaves.

Drinking Gourd, The - A code term for the Big Dipper.

Forwarding - Taking fugitive slaves from station to station.

Freedom Road - The fugitives' route of travel.

Freedom Train/Gospel Train - A term used to describe the Underground Railroad.
Heaven - A code word for Canada.

John Brown's Trail - A route of travel for fugitives.

Load of Potatoes - A code to indicate a wagon of fugitives hidden under the farm produce.

Passengers - Escaping slaves.

Patrollers - Southerners who guarded roads against escaping slaves.

Preachers, Cows and Courthouse - Code words for conductors, fugitives and a station.

Station - A place of sanctuary where slaves could be sheltered.

Underground Railroad - A method of transporting fugitive slaves.