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Service Theological Seminary

Milestones Vol 25. No. 2

Service Theological Seminary was the first seminary west of the Allegheny Mountains and the first of the Associate Presbyterian Church. It was established by the Associate Presbytery of Philadelphia, April 21, 1794, and Dr. John Anderson was elected the first theological professor. Classes were held first in Dr. Anderson's home; later, another log structure, "Eudolpha Hall," was built expressly for the seminary. It was a two-story log building. A lecture and recitation room and a library were on the first floor. The dormitory was on the second floor.

Anderson was one of the best trained ministers in Scotland and he gave a full course of theological lectures. Dr. Anderson brought his library with him when he came from Scotland. Classes were held here until 1821 when the Western Hall of the seminary was moved to Canonsburg; the Eastern Hall was located in Philadelphia; however, both divisions were united in 1826. The seminary was moved to Xenia, Ohio, in 1855, and to Pittsburgh in 1931, when it was combined with the new seminary. The present successor of the old Service Seminary is Pittsburgh-Xenia Theological Seminary, on Highland Avenue, East End, Pittsburgh. A granite monument marks the site of Eudoipha Hall. On it is inscribed the following:

Site of Service Theological Seminary of the Associate Presbyterian Church. The second divinity school in America. In a log building erected here the first session was held during winter of 17941795. The Rev. John Anderson, D.D. being the sole instructor. In 1821 the seminary transferred to Canonsburg, PA. Then in 1855 it was removed to Xenia, Ohio. By the union of 1858 it became one of the theological seminaries of the United Presbyterian Church of North America.

The monument is 0.2 miles on l.r. 04070 off Pa. 18, southwest of Monaca.