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Former Valley Woman is Poet

Milestones Vol 14 No. 4

Mrs. Cora Herrold Sayre, 60, Crafton Heights, formerly of Bolesville, Rochester and New Brighton, has written a poem in memory of her former home and life in Beaver Valley.

She is well known in Rochester, where she was formerly employed by a Rochester merchant, and in New Brighton, where she lived for many years. She is a sister of the late Robert F. Herrold, Freedom.

She is well known in Pittsburgh, where she often reads for church organizations and clubs. She also teaches elocution and directs plays.

Following is the poem, which is entitled "Childhood Memories."

When the sun sets on the hills of Pennsylvania
And the rivers turn to threads of liquid gold.
I am dreaming of my home down in the valley
Where as a child I lived in days of old.

In fancy I can see the old white schoolhouse,
Where with sisters dear I learned the rule of three,
And my heart cries out with longing for my schoolmates
I wonder if they ever think of me.

I can see the little pond down in the meadow
Where we played - and you taught me to skate,
Drew me home upon your sled and shyly kissed me,
Then ran away and left me at the gate.

I am wandering down the lane to the cottage
With the garden full of roses at the door,
Mother's voice I hear again as she sings that old refrain,
Which in memory I shall hear forevermore.

Oh, the years have turned my golden hair to silver
And my eyes are growing dim with pain and tears.
But the memories of my home down in the valley Grow sweeter with the passing of the years.

As the silvery moon shines over Beaver Valley
My soul is filled with peace and love and light
And I raise my hand in silent benediction
And softly say "God bless you" and "Good-night."

From the files of the Research Center