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Former Slaves in Beaver County: Milestones Special Issue

Milestones Vol 30. No. 2

Although the majority of the fugitives who passed through Beaver County will forever remain anonymous, a few left a tracable legacy.

Two of these were Frederick Douglass and James Bruien.

Douglass, whose activities in the county are outlined previously, was often a visitor and lecturer in New Brighton, strongly influencing the local sentiments against slavery. He lectured at the First Presbyterian Church in New Brighton and at various Quaker homes and meeting halls.

Sergeant James Bruien and his battle scarred flag was a common sight at any New Brighton parade. James escaped from slavery three times before getting to Canada. During the Civil War he fought with a Black regiment. He was especially honored during the 1900 Beaver County Centennial. He was a well known resident of New Brighton and died in 1916.