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A New Museum in Beaver County

Milestones Vol 33 No. 2

The McCarl Industrial and Agricultural Museum of Beaver County and The Hamilton Tool Forge and Foundry are the newest museum facilities in the County.

The Keith Blaho Collection is featured.

These facilities have been built by the Little Beaver Historical Society in Darlington, PA.

This is a work in progress. Ground was broken about eight months ago, and the buildings were recently completed.

The facilities were opened to the public on May 31, 2008 for a sneak preview..

The Society is about halfway done with the displays and the collection of industrial and agricultural artifacts.

The McCarl Industrial and Agricultural Museum of Beaver County ( IAM Beaver County) was the dream of several members of the Society who had the desire to preserve and publicly display a few remnants of the Golden Age of Industry in the County which ran from around 1900 into the 1980's. And since farming had been the root occupation of the area, a farming display was also planned.

The Hamilton Tool Forge and Foundry, a separate building, was also envisioned as a facility where the arts of forging, blacksmithing, and foundry techniques could be demonstrated and taught.

What visitors see today are the first steps in trying to develop this vision.

The first seed money came from Jay Leno who donated $5,000 to get the project started. Other donations and grants soon followed. Major donors include the McCarl family, Fred Hamilton, Arthur Nesbitt, the Delos Duff family and others. Senator Gerald LaValle and Representative Chris Sainato helped obtain grants for the project. Many people and organizations donated anything from a few dollars to thousands. Many others donated time and materials so that this project could advance.

A few of the many display items in these buildings include a Champion Horizontal Engine manufactured in Beaver Falls in 1903 and weighing 8,000 pounds. This is the only still existing engine built in Beaver County.

A turn of the century Corliss Steam Engine is not only displayed but operating.

An early Keystone Driller Company of Beaver Falls steam engine and a Downie Water Pump are displayed and operated.

Other items include wire forming machines from Townsend Co. in New Brighton.

Several machines from Moltrup Steel Co. in Beaver Falls are displayed, including a bar straightener designed and built by the Moltrups.

A number of early farm machines and horse drawn items are included in this exhibit.

Numerous displays showing various aspects of Beaver County's heritage are presented.

Many more machines, engines, and artifacts are still to be brought in. Text and story line are being developed.

This Industrial Museum is always seeking the following:

· Financial Support
· Donated time
· Artifacts
· Pictures that could be copied
· Contacting friends and neighbors who might have artifacts or photos
· Checking at work to see if there are any remaining vintage machines, photos, or materials they would donate or loan to us

The Museum is open Sundays from 1:30 to 5:00 and by appointment June through September.
Contact: 724-846-3487