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Chippewa Society and Colonization Society: Milestones Special Issue

Milestones Vol 30. No. 2

Chippewa Society Formed

In the 1840s an antislavery society was founded in Chippewa Township (Bausman 1143).

Colonization Society

While abolitionists were scattered throughout the county, in general the town of Beaver was strongly opposed to the movement.

However, a Pennsylvania Colonization Society had been formed with the purpose of buying the freedom of slaves and sending them to Africa as colonists. The Beaver County Colonization Society was organized in Beaver on November 30, 1837, with the intention of aiding the state society in its work (Warner 251).

William Lloyd Garrison strongly opposed this method of attempting to solve the slavery problem. He had begun his career as an opponent of slavery for the very purpose of taking a stand against the American Colonization Society, which had been founded in 1817. He saw this movement as an attempt to remove the people who had been slaves rather than finding a solution to the problem as a whole. He believed that all who had been slaves should become free United States citizens and receive all of the benefits of citizenship.