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You Know Beaver County When:

Submitted by Mark Barnes

Milestones Vol 32 No. 4


You know you've lived in Beaver County a long time when:

You skated at Melody Lanes.
You remember life BEFORE Wal-Mart.
You remember Gee Bee Plaza.
You shopped at Woolworth's at the Beaver Valley Mall.
You don't call it the Beaver Valley Mall. You just say "the mall" and everyone knows where you're talking about.
You remember when Kaufmann's wasn't in the mall, but in Rochester.
You remember Spotlight 88 - and what happened to it.
You've been to Jerry's so many times you know the menu by heart.
You remember when there were 2 movie theaters at the mall.
You've cruised to Hank's.
You raced along Bauctown Stretch.
You have watched a movie at the Rialto in Beaver Falls.
You remember when Blackhawk wasn't all that good at basketball.
You have been to see a movie at the Tusca Drive Inn.
A trip to Pittsburgh was a big deal.
You've hit balls or played miniature golf at Stop 'N Soc.
You know the significance of "the bridge" to people from Rochester or Monaca.
You remember when the Willows had a pool and tennis courts on their property.
You went to the Aquanaut.
You have been to the Fourth of July Parade in Midland every year and remember when it was really great.
You went to Midland High School or know that it existed.
You've attended a function at the Fez.
You danced at the VIP.
You've gotten ice cream at the "Headless Cow".
You remember when everyone you knew worked in "the mill".
You've been to Garrison Days, the regatta, San Rocco, the airshow, and Nationality Days.
You saw them build the power plant.
You've had chicken at Harold's and ice cream at the Windmill.
You've made a run to Gina's drive-through.
You know what, where, and when the maple syrup festival is.
You've been to Idora Park and rode the Wildcat, Kookey Castle, and the Jack Rabbit.
Your address used to be RR#1 or RD#1.
You know who Rudy Zetz is.
You used to rent videos at Starlight Video in Midland.
You've always known what "Roger's" is and probably have been there.
You swam at Darlington Lake.