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Speeding in Beaver Falls

Milestones Vol 25. No. 3


(Beaver "Times" October 5, 1907)

Violations of the Automobile Law of 1905 are becoming so frequent in the Beaver Valley, that it is becoming a menace to the general public. Not a day passes but someone exceeds the speed limit. Not a day passes but what an operator, not licensed by the State Law, speeds an automobile through the principal streets at a break-neck rate, turning corners on two wheels and endangering life and limb. The police claim that they are not properly equipped with time watches so that they can determine the speed of a machine and have no way of knowing if the operator is licensed or not. Very often on the streets can be seen inexperienced operators, or learners, driving the machines at a high rate of speed.

The act of April 19th, 1905, provides that no automobile shall be operated until the operator shall have obtained a license from the state highway department. No license shall be granted to anyone less than eighteen years of age, and licensed operators shall carry their certificates with them and shall exhibit them when demanded by a policeman. The state license is the only one authorizing any person to operate the car. The speed limit is fixed at eight miles an hour (almost twelve feet per second).

For any violation of the law the offender shall be ordered to forfeit not less than $10 not more than $25. For the second offense the forfeit may be $100, and the license may be revoked and no other license shall be issued the offender for six months.

The policemen should be properly equipped and instructed by their police committee to enforce the law.