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Anti-Slavery Convention

THE ARGUS, Beaver, Pa. Wed., Nov. 19, 1841

Milestones Vol 10 No. 3


An Abolition Convention was held at New Brighton, last week, which was respectably attended, and which in its proceedings and deliberations, it is said, was quite interesting. The proceedings have not yet been offered for publication. THE CONVENTION, we learn, refused to agitate or take up the question of political action, the majority doubtless believing with the mass of ABOLITIONISTS, that their cause cannot be advanced, but may be seriously injured, by such means. After the adjournment of the convention, however, a few over zealous persons, who discard all considerations of policy based upon sound judgment got up a meeting which after much debate, adopted resolutions in favor of political action, the third of which asserts a very great mistake at least so far as the Whig Party of this county and district and State is concerned; no man being able to show any act of treachery on their part in reference to the great question of Human Rights. There are few, we believe, very few, of the ABOLITIONISTS who will respond to this broad and indiscriminating assertion for the evidences are palpable to their senses of its incorrectness and injustice. It was, However, adopted by a vote of 18 to 13 - but a few of the majority being citizens of this county. The proceedings have a place in this paper.