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Henry Fry and Black Hand

Milestones Vol 25. No. 4

Henry C. Fry, Sr., President of the H. C. Fry Glass Company in Rochester and one of the best known manufacturers of the Beaver Valley, received a blackhand letter Thursday evening in which demands were made that he leave $5,000 at a designated point Sunday evening upon threats of death if he failed to do so.

The letter specified that the money was to be in $10 bills and was to be placed at a rain spout on a stable in the rear of the Fry home, corner Jackson Street and New York Avenue. The location being designated by a roughly drawn map on the back of the letter, which was signed R W. W.

Threats of death with the burning of his property were made in the letter providing he attempted to follow the persons calling for the package or told of the receipt of the letter. Death was to be caused by a time bomb, the letter said.

Mr. Fry paid little or no attention to the letter, but members of the family turned it over to the state police and a strong cordon of officers was thrown about the home last night. In the meantime a dummy package was placed at the designated point, but no attempt was made to lift it.

From the Beaver Countian