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Beaver County Historical Societies 

Research Center for Beaver County

Little Beaver Historical Society

Beaver Area Historical Museum

McCarl Industrial and Agricultural Museum

Beaver County Industrial Museum--Proposed

Air Heritage Museum

Mercer School House

The Merrick Art Gallery

Midland Heritage Project

Monaca Community Hall of Fame

Old Economy Village

St. Nicholas Chapel & Museum

The Vicary Mansion

More Places to Visit And Learn About


Articles About Beaver County Historical Societies

New Brighton Historical Society-Milestones Vol 1 No 2

Anthony Wayne Historical Society--Milestones Vol 1. No 3

Great Arrow Historical Association--Milestones Vol 2 No 1--Winter 1976

The Little Beaver Historical Society--Milestones Vol 12 No 1

Origin of Beaver County Historical and Landmarks Foundation--Milestones Vol 12 No 2