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Little Beaver Historical Society
PO Box 304
Darlington, PA 16115

Hours: Sunday lpm - 5pm & by appointment
Contact: Alan Ferguson

Greersburg Academy, a two story stone structure, was established in 1802 by Rev. Thomas E. Hughes of Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church. As a prep school for college, it is Beaver County's earliest educational institution, and is the oldest standing building in the county. Those who attended include William McGuffey and John Brown. In 1882 it was transformed into a passenger/freight train station, and is the oldest standing railroad station in the nation. Today, many of the Fort Macintosh artifacts are housed here, and the Robert Lackner Native American room has over 3,000 Indian artifacts.

The Little Beaver Museum, a two story brick building, was built in 1883 to carry on the tradition of the academy. It became the Darlington Borough School District building from 1917 to 1957. Today it houses two floors of artifacts and displays.

Seasonal events take place at these buildings and revolving displays celebrate various aspects of Beaver County history. The buildings are open from May through October on Sundays and by appointment. During December, a model train display is added for the Christmas season. For more information contact Alan Ferguson at 724-622-5342.

Both sites are located in downtown Darlington.