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Milestones Vol 1. No 3 Summer 1975

The Anthony Wayne Historical Society of Beaver County is among the many new historical organizations in the county. Edward Matzie and Ross Rea of Baden are the co-founders who on May 21, 1971 called the first meeting to order at the Anthony Wayne Terrace Community Building. Since that first meeting the society has grown in membership and has achieved regional as well as national recognition for its efforts to preserve and restore the Legionville Camp ground.

The Society is made up of the areas of Ambridge, Baden, Conway, Economy, and Harmony Township and is part of District #9 of the Beaver County Historical Research and Landmarks Foundation. Meetings are held monthly from September to June with meetings rotating among the areas. The Society is in the process of putting in permanent displays throughout the area. The first display has been put in the Harmony Township Building. Displays have also been placed in the Economy Borough Building and the Equibank in Ambridqe.

In October, 1973 the Antnony Wayne Historical Society was incorporated as a non-profit organization by the state and has also received recognition as a non-profit organization by the U. S. Internal Revenue Bureau, thus making any contributions to it tax deductible.

On Sunday, November 11, 1973, the Society, in cooperation with the County Research and Landmarks Foundation dedicated a historical marker to designate the area of the Indian Village of Logstown on Route 65 Baden.

The Society is currently involved in planning for the preservation and restoration of Anthony Wayne's Legionville campground.