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Boy Scouting--A Long History in Midland--Milestones Vol. 13, No. 1--Spring 1988

A History of Boy Scouts in Beaver

The History of BEAVER-CASTLE
Girl Scout Council
--Milestones Vol 8 No 3

Girl Scouting-1983--Milestones Vol 8 No 3

The Beaver Falls Emergency Relief Organization--Milestones Vol 9 No 1

The Klan Was Here They Claim--Milestones Vol 13 No 1

Country Club Founded by Wm. McCool--Milestones Vol 13 No 3

Beaver Valley Yacht Club Inc. 1949-1988--Milestones Vol 13 No 3 Fall 1988

The Girl Scouts Of Baden--Milestones Vol 19 No 4

Early Scout Troops--Milestones Vol 26. No. 2

Masonic History of Beaver County--Milestones Vol 30. No. 1

Beaver County's First Masonic Lodge--Milestones Vol 34 No. 4