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Local Bands

Artist Renderings of Beaver (from BEAVER TOWN)

The Noss Family Band

Come to the Hills of Green(A Poem)--Milestones Vol 9 No 3

Our Town (A Poem)--Milestones Vol 9 No 4

Take Care of Your Horse (A Poem)--Milestones Vol 10 No 2

Jenny Lind: Her Connection with Beaver County--Milestones Vol 10 No 4

Emil Bott--Milestones Vol 10 No 4

Landscape Painting of Beaver Falls--Milestones Vol 12 No 1

A Story of Two Violins--Milestones Vol 13 No 2

Area Poet Finds Success at End
of Troubled Path
--Milestones Vol 13 No 2

The Merrick Art Gallery-A Brief History--Milestones Vol 19 No 2

Kipling's Impression Of The Beaver Valley--Milestones Vol 21 No 2

River of Hope--A Poem by Ida Barton--Milestones Vol 26. No. 1

Beaver County--A Poem--Milestones Vol 10 No. 4

The Forks of the Ohio: A Poem--Milestones Vol 11. No.1

A Vision of Old Fort Mac: A Poem--Milestones Vol 13 No. 1

Renewed Tribute: A Poem--Milestones Vol 13 No. 2

Come to the Hills of Green: A Poem by Milo Townsend--Milestones Vol 14 No. 1

The Beaver River: A Poem--Milestones Vol 14 No. 2

Former Valley Woman is Poet--Milestones Vol 14 No. 4

Lithograph entitled "Beaver Heights"--Milestones Vol 23 No. 3