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Brief History

Some Pictures

The Churches of Beaver

Beaver Interactive Walking Tour

Beaver Area Historical Museum

BEAVER TOWN - A Chronicle of Its People, Places and Events 1776-1976

A History of Beaver Parks: I was walking through the park one day - by Keith Shovlin -- Beaver Area Middle-High School

The Beaver Area Heritage Foundation

Shingas -- King of the Delawares

Fort McIntosh - Landmark In American History

History of the Water Supply of the Borough of Beaver

A History of Boy Scouts in Beaver

Beaver Town: An Early Account--Milestones Vol. 7 No. 3

Beaver Town Plan--Milestones Vol. 7 No. 3

Beaver Trivia Quiz--Milestones Vol 7 No 4

What's In a Name?: Borough Township--Milestones Vol 17 No 2

Beaver, Pennsylvania: Nazi Target--Milestones Vol 34 No. 3

Hugo Andriessen: Proprietor of the
Beaver Drugstore and Natural History Museum
--Milestones Vol 34 No. 4