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Fort McIntosh - The Story of its History and Restoration of the Site

Military History by Richard Oswald

The Forgotten Revolutionary Fort of Beaver County--Milestones Vol 6 No. 1

History of Company F, 140th Regiment Pa. Civil War Volunteers

Legionville--General Orders--Milestones Vol. 6 No. 3

Legionville--Transcript from the Pittsburgh Gazette, 1793--Milestones Vol 7 No 1--Winter 1982

Rochester's Major General Joseph Henry Pendelton--Milestones Vol 11 No 3

Liberty Bread--Milestones Vol 14 No 2

The Navy "E"--Milestones Vol 16 No 3

French Fort?--Milestones Vol 17 No 1

St. Patrick's Day Incident at Legionville--Milestones Vol 18 No 3

1827 Civil War Letter from Cincinnati--Milestones Vol 20 No 4

Legionville: Then and Now--Milestones Vol 21 No 2

Writing a Civil War Book in Beaver County--Milestones Vol 22 No 2

The Porter Boys Of Co. H, 101st PA Veteran Volunteer Infantry--Milestones Vol 22 No 4

George Washington in Beaver County--Milestones Vol 22 No 4

Letter From Legionville--Milestones Vol 23 No 2

Legionville--Milestones Vol 24 No 1

Scrap of Local History-Civil War--Milestones Vol 26. No. 4

250th Anniversary of Washington at Logstown--Milestones Vol 28. No. 1

"Mad Anthony" Wayne and Legionville--Milestones Vol 28. No. 1

Beaver County's Connection to Private Ryan--Milestones Vol 32 No. 4

Junior Historians Build Legionville Model--Milestones Vol 6 No. 3

Members of Company D Darlington, Beaver County--Milestones Vol 12 No. 3