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St. Patrick's Day Incident at Legionville
Milestones Vol 18 No 3 Fall 1993

The Legion will parade tomorrow morning at 10 O'Clock for review and maneuvering, every man capable of duty must appear in the most soldierly and perfect order--The troops will form and march agreeable to the orders of the 15th Ultimo (In the mponth preceeding the present or last month)--The guards will not be relieved until after the review-All fatigue (all work) to cease immediately (except the masons and tenders employed at the Hospital) to the end that the soldiery may have time to prepare themselves agreeably to the foregoing Order--as our continuance on the ground will be but for a short period, it will be only-lost labor to proceed in gardening and fencing-The Officers will therefore turn their whole attention to the Discipling and maneuvering of the troops and to the immediate reparation of the Clothing arms and accoutrements of their respective Companies or Detachments which they are here by most pointedly enjoined to attend to without remission -_

On the 24th Instant ie tomorrow which every NonCommissioned Officer and Private soldier, must appear on parade in Blue overhalls--The respective Officers will be accountable for the completion of this order-

The Commissary will issue on gill ( one gill equals 1/4 pint of 40z.) of whiskey to each Non-commissioned Officer and soldier actually on parade or guard tomorrow in honor of St. Patrick, who being a holy and good man the Commander in Chief hopes and trusts that his sons will not discrace his memory by an unsoldierly or disorderly conduct-The troops will be furnished with 24 rounds of Blank Cartidges per man--The fixed ammunition must be carefully returned to each man after review, noting the name and number of his Cartridges, loose powder in his Cartridge Box or horn, to the end that a fair account may be kept with regard to the Consumption or damage of ammunition, and for which the men will be accountable

24th Mar. 1793
C Sign: Shannon


Parole: Grandison

At the General Court Martial whereof Capt. Pierce is President held at this place on the 19th Instant

... Bartholonew Heffee was tried upon the following charges (Viz) 1st with drunkeness - 2nd, with rioting in Camp at a late hour of the night - 3rd, with mutiny - 4th, threatning to take the lives of his hut mates

After hearing the evidence, the Court are of oppinion he is guilty of the lst and 2nd charges and in Consequence of its being a day of general festivity among his countrymen they only Sentence him to recieve 25 lashes.

The Commander in Chief Confirms the foregong sentences of the Court Matial. but is induced to remit the Corporal punishment ordered to be inflicted upon Heffee; On account of St. Patrick but the Saint will interfere again to screen him from punishment, should he merit upon any occasion hereafter The prisoners are immediatly to be released. The General Court Martial whereof Capt. Pierce was President, is desolved
Bowen, William J., Editor. Legionville-Wayne. Closson Press 1984


George Washington wrote a book on manners. He called it Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation. Here is the first rule: "Every Action done in Company, ought to be with Some Sign of Respect to those that are Present." here is his last, which can stand all alone as a guide to good manners: "Labour to keep alive in your Breast that Little Spark of Celestial fire called Conscience."