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Wallace City: Pictures

OIL BOOM DAYS IN HOPEWELL-Milestones Vol 4. No.1

OIL? IN BEAVER COUNTY?-Milestones Vol 2 No 2

Cannelton Oil Rig Photo

A History of the Freedom Oil Works Through the Year 1929--Milestones Vol 9 No 3

Oil Furnaces to Heat Homes
Milestones Vol 12 No 4

Oil: Early Appearance in the County--Milestones Vol 16 No

A Narrative of Oil Welling--Milestones Vol 19 No 2

Child's Pipe Shop--Milestones Vol 19 No 3

Hopewell Oil and Gas--Milestones Vol 24. No. 4

The Big Oil Boom--Milestones Vol 26. No. 1

Freedom Oil Buys Vulcan--Milestones Vol 26. No. 4

Wallace City--Gone But Not Forgotten--Milestones Vol 31 No. 4

Wallace City Oil Boom Pictures--Milestones Vol 25 No. 3