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Beaver County History Online

This is the primary site for archieval information and photographs on Beaver County Pennsylvania. We hope that you find the information contained here of value.

Our goal is not to create a highly interactive site,
but one whose primary purpose is to be a source
of vital local historical information for your reading pleasure and for serious research.

This site was first put on line May 23, 1998. This site was originally created by teachers and students at Beaver Area School District for other teachers and students in the County.

We hope that teachers and students in Beaver County will use this site for research and classroom papers.

We are looking for anyone with Beaver County
information or historical pictures. We are looking for information on any historic subject.

Our goal is to make this a county-wide project. If
you are interested in becoming involved or have information to share, please contact us. Go to the "Who to Contact" link to the left.

At the present time we are looking for unpublished photographs on any subject in Beaver County. We are also looking for Unpublished Manuscripts on any Beaver County historical subject.

Sometimes individuals wrote up accounts of incidents or subjects that interested them, and never published the information. We would love to publish them here or in Beaver County's Milestones magazine.

We are also seeking old diary entries. We found one recently from the early 1800's by Colonel Walton from Industry Borough. One of our members published it in an Industry Borough history book.

If you have any information on any historical subject, please let us know.