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A Geographical Study of George Rapp's Harmony Society--Milestones Vol 2, No 1

Once it was a Busy Place--The Harmony Society--Milestones Vol 3 No 4

The Final Years of the Harmony Society--Milestones Vol. 4 No. 4

The Zundel Family of Old Economy--Milestones Vol 13 No 1

Haymaking and Harvest Time In Old Economy--Milestones Vol 15 No 3

Orchards of Old Economy, Penna.--Milestones Vol 15 No 4

Flashbacks to Old Economy and the Harmony Society - 1912--Milestones Vol 16 No 3

Old Economy in 1853--Milestones Vol 16 No 4

The Herb Garden at Old Economy Village--Milestones Vol 18 No 1

Father Rapp of the Harmony Society--Milestones Vol 20 No 2

The Most Curious Page in American Musical History--Milestones Vol 23 No 1

Jacob Schafer and the Harmonists --Milestones Vol 24. No.2

The Harmonists and Old Economy--Milestones Vol 25. No. 1

Education in the Harmony Society--Milestones Vol 25. No. 3

Father Rapp and the Economites--Milestones Vol 26. No. 2

Church Services at Economy--Milestones Vol 31 No. 1