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Significant Gravesites in the Beaver Cemetery Index

Courtesy of Beaver Area Heritage Foundation's

"The Saints at Rest"

Research and Writing---Robert R. Firestone

Publication---Robert A. Smith

Photography---Kevin Cook (Graule Studio)

Typesetting---Gerry Merriman (Merriman's Graphics)

Web Production---Keith Shovlin

Map of Significant Gravesites

Area 1--Colonel Richard P. Roberts

Area 1--Lewis Taylor

Area 1--Samuel B. Wilson

Area 2-- Senator Matthew Stanley Quay

Area 2--John F. Dravo

Area 3--William Henry

Area 3--Colonel James P. Leaf

Area 4--Deborah Hart Darragh

Area 5--Judge Henry Hice

Area 5--William B. Dunlap

Area 5--Chief Justice Daniel Agnew

Area 6--Michael Weyand

Area 6--Jacob Weyand

Area 6--Rev. Joseph H. Bausman

Area 7--Johnstown Flood Victim

Area 4---John Ubalto

Area 8--Louis G. Moslener, Jr.