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Beaver Countians at the Battle of Gettysburg--Milestones Vol 1 No 2 and 3

Revolutionary Burials in Beaver County-Milestones Vol 2 No 3

Fort McIntosh - The Story of its History and Restoration of the Site

When Are You Going to Enlist Jake?--A Reminiscence of the Civil War--Milestones Vol. 5. No. 1-Winter 1979

Civil War Information--Milestones Vol 12 No 2

Beaver County in Civil War--Milestones Vol 13 No 3

The Buried Treasure-Lost French Treasure--Milestones Vol 24. No.2

Between Two Countries: Robert Glass's Civil War--Milestones Vol 27. No. 4

Nichol's Civil War Letters--Milestones Vol 30. No. 4

Steel's Civil War Letters--Milestones Vol 31 No. 2

Steel's Civil War Letters--Part III--Milestones Vol 32 No. 3

Introduction To Executive Order No. 9066--Duke Tanaka and the Japanese Internment Camps--Milestones Vol 33 No. 1

Morgan's Raid and the John T. McCombs--Milestones Vol 34 No. 3

Turncoat: The Civil War Story of Colonel Charles Read Collins, CSA--Milestones Vol 35 No. 2