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Beaver Sports History (from BEAVER TOWN)

Beaver River-Fisherman's Paradise--Milestones Vol 1 No 3

Camp Runyan-Camp Eddie Thompson-
Pine Valley Youth Camp
--Milestones Vol 13 No 4

Historical Insight into County Recreation: Fishing--Milestones Vol 16 No 2

Smith's Ferry Baseball Team--Milestones Vol 18 No 1

James Toy--Milestones Vol 23 No 3

Woodlawn Football--Milestones Vol 23 No 4

Geneva's Basketball First--Milestones Vol 26. No. 1

The Great Circular Fox Hunt--Milestones Vol 27. No. 1

Geneva's Footballers Finest Hour--Milestones Vol 35 No. 1

The Walton Family and Football