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The Michael Weyand House

566 Fourth Street

The original Michael Weyand House, situated in the center of the corner lot which ran 300 feet to Canal Street and 120 feet along Fourth Street, was built about 1834. Framed in white oak, it had two stories with two rooms and two fireplaces in each. When the lot was divided in 1847, the house remained on the boundary line.

It was purchased by Michael Weyand, editor and printer in 1851, who added the four front rooms and center hall.

This colorful gentleman, born in Somerset in 1825, came to Beaver and went to work on the Beaver Argus in

1838 at the age of 13 years, and became its editor and publisher in 1851.

He sold out his interest in 1859, but returned to newspaper life in 1874 as founder and first editor of the Beaver Times and became known as The Old Man of the Times for his stinging editorials which brought numerous threats of libel suits, none of which materialized.

The house epitomizes the versatility of Pennsylvania farmhouse design which has adapted itself, from this early primitive period, to a charming present-day town house.